Handspring Trust

The Handspring Trust for Puppetry Arts is an activist and educational not-for-profit organisation. The Trust seeks innovative ways to extend the creative and imaginative engagement of the broad South African community in the puppetry arts. This serves to deepen the arts practices in this country, particularly the technical and conceptual capacities in puppetry. The Handspring Trust’s activities aim to enrich and inform the imaginative and creative worlds of historically disadvantaged communities who have had little exposure to the

The Handspring Trust has been mandated to enhance the arts and culture spheres and to improve the circumstances of poor rural communities, as well as urban townships, through direct intervention. It is the Trustees’ conviction that human beings thrive when they are given access to the playful freedom of creativity. In particular, puppets can open ways of imagining better worlds. These Kinetic Objects can encourage latent talents of expressiveness, and allow

leadership potential to come to the fore. There is no question that the role-play involved in puppetry can release great imaginative freedom within audiences and performers.

The Handspring Trust seeks to initiate educational projects using the unique potential of the puppetry medium, in order to teach artists and young people about the processes of artistic self-expression. The Handspring Trust values communication about care and self-regard, about sexual identity and choice and about human rights and freedoms.