Patrimony 2004–2005

Patrimony 2004–2005

Presented in various venues across South Africa including the Irma Stern Museum, Cape Town and Museum Africa, Johannesburg.
Curated by Janni Younge
Produced by Handspring Puppet Company

Patrimony, an exhibition of Bamana Puppets from Mali, featured puppets from the extensive family collection of Yaya Coulibali.

The puppets selected for Patrimony represent the artistic expression of an ancient and extremely complex culture. The puppets and masks were classified for the exhibition according to their form and function.

Several different styles of Banana performing objects were represented, Meren (giant figures) Maaniw (small rod puppets) Sogo (large antelope and other animal puppets), Masks, Ci-wara (headdresses) and even divers forms such as contemporary marionettes. The puppets’ functions, ranging from ritual practice to popular entertainment were outlined in a detailed catalogue.

Download Catalogue here.