Faustus in Africa

The legend of Faust is based on the story of the sixteenth-century learned scholar who squandered his fortune and then sold his soul to the devil in exchange for additional time to search for the meaning of existence through travel and indulgences. After making his pact with the devil, Handspring’s Faustus goes on a safari. Indulging in elaborate feasts and buying sprees, Faustus attempts to consume all that Africa has to offer. Transposed to Africa his desires become those of the archetypal greedy colonialist – his victims the African people and their land.

Creative Team

Production: Handspring Puppet Company in association with The Market Theatre, Art Bureau (Munich), Kunstfest (Weimar), the Standard Bank National Arts Festival, The Foundation for the Creative Arts, and Mannie Manim Productions.
Director: William Kentridge
Design: Adrian Kohler, William Kentridge
Animation: William Kentridge, with assistant animator: Hiltrud von Seydlitz
Additional text: Lesego Rampolokeng
Lighting design: Mannie Manim
Sound design: Wilbert Schubel
Music: James Phillips, Warrick Sony,
Costumes: Hazel Maree, Hiltrud von Seydliz,


Dawid Minnaar, Leslie Fong, Busi Zokufa, Louis Seboko, Antoinette Kellermann, Basil Jones, Adrian Kohler


1995 South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, UK, Portugal, Australia, Belgium, Israel, Denmark, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, USA

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