The Chimp Project

Trained in the art of sign language, Lisa, a sexually aware adolescent chimp, has outgrown her television career and Johannesburg. Her human flatmate takes her to a rehabilitation sanctuary in the Congo where an Afro-Japanese primatologist, Tadashi, is appalled by Lisa’s taste for human food, gin & cigarettes. Tadashi has disdain for the sign language experiments Lisa’s been subjected to and takes her on a journey back to the wild.

Creative Team

Producer: Handspring Puppet Company
Director: Adrian Kohler with Kurt Wustmann
Author: Peter Esterhuyzen
Composor: Warrick Sony
Puppet Designer: Adrian Kohler
Set design: Nadya Cohen
Lighting Design: Wesley France
Director of Video: Deborah May
Video Animation: Gerhard Marx and Deborah May
Sound Design: Simon Mahoney,


Busi Zokufa, Louis Seboko, Basil Jones, Tau Qwelane, Yvette Coetzee, Fourie Nyamande, Rajesh Gopie


2001 South Africa, Germany, France and Switzerland

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