Animals in Translation: Temple Grandin’s

Adrian Kohler & Basil Jones, Cape Town: Gorden Institue of Performing Arts, UCT, February 2012.

Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones of the Handspring Puppet Company present GIPCA’s first Great Texts/Big Questions lecture for 2012. Dr. Temple Grandin is a high-functioning autistic who has written with great insight into the way animals and autistic people think. Puppeteers Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones will talk about the influence of Grandin’s book Animals in Translation has had on their work, explaining why they enrole their audiences as “autistics” and what the implications of this way of regarding an audience are for their philosophy of the theatre.

Accompanied by a short performance, I Love You When You’re Breathing, directed by Handspring’s puppeteer/director Jason Potgieter, Kohler and Jones will share their ideas on micro-movement and how central breath is to the life of the object. The presentation will also include an interrogation of their production with the National Theatre of Great Britain, War Horse, and the significance of animal being in a theatrical context.

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