Since the soccer World Cup came to South Africa in 2010 there have been several groups who build and parade giant puppets around South Africa.

The Giant Match Association: This group from the township Orange Farm who were trained by Les Grandes Personnes, now tour the country regularly performing regularly at parade events.
Rodger Titley, who was known for his refined work in building and manipulating puppets for commercials, has branched out into giant parade puppets. His Creatures have paraded in their hundreds at various national and international events and include the giant elephants and Dung Beatle featured at the closing ceremony of the 2010 world cup.

Puppetry South Africa’s Active Puppets program also produced a series of giant puppets, which were widely featured at events surrounding the world cup. The African giants continue to provide entertainment at public and corporate events around the country and the project provides employment for young community based artists.

Daniel Poppers first developed his super-giant Pop Puppets for the Africa Burns event. His puppets, which often exceed 4meters in height, are also regularly fitted with lighting mechanisms, allowing them to glow in night parades.