South Africa has a increasingly large pools of performers specialized in puppetry and visual artists and craftspeople who construct puppets.

The expanding demand for professional puppeteers can be partially attributed to the success of the festival Out The Box as well as the increasing international interest in the artform. Puppet manipulation for various television series involving puppets has also created interest in and demand for skilled puppeteers. Busi Zokufa has been performing for Handspring since the early ’90’s as has Craig Leo. Jason Potgieter, Marty Kintu, Tali Cervati, Chuma Sopotela, Gabriel Marchand and Cindy Mkaza are a few of the many extremely talented individual performers working in puppet theatre and television today.

As both the demand for commercial and theatrical puppets has increased in South Africa we have seen more artists and craftspeople specializing in the construction of puppets. Amongst these, Rodger Titley, Hansie Versagie, Hilette Stapelberg and Craig Leo are a few to mention.